Roles and Responsibilities of Alexander, Miller & Associates in Debt Collection

Being in the field of commercial collections over 60 years, Alexander, Miller & Associates have been playing a leading role in fast track collections, onsite investigations, consultancy; strategy planning and receivables management. The client support system at the agency’s network of fraud examiners, attorneys, private investigators and legal advisors is of the highest order. Their aim of providing collection services is to avoid the lawsuit procedures and streamline the receipt of outstanding balances after negotiated settlements. They are assisted by experts dealing with cases of bankruptcy while recovering the bad debts. They follow the legal procedures associated with asset recovery, conflict resolution and refinancing options.

Alexander, Miller & Associates –Vastness of Reach

The reach of Alexander, Miller & Associates extends from Houston to the entire United States and goes into Canada, Hongkong, Mexico and India.  In addition they have partnerships in more than 30 other countries all over the world. This vast network of branches and associates helps the agency to extend its services to the global community of business and trading industries.

  • Client Base: – The client base of Alexander, Miller & Associates is stated to be constantly growing and expanding due to their result oriented approach. According to the financial reports from the commercial collection industry, they have the best recovery ratio among all the service providers. Developing this sort of network and reputation takes lots of persistence and teamwork from the agency. The HR at Alexander, Miller & Associates recruits the best of experts from accounting, finance, law, information technology and related fields. They have a committed approach to client support which extends to 2xX7 across the globe.
  • Flexible Approach: – Alexander, Miller & Associates adopt a flexible approach to debt collection procedures. They clearly understand the practical problems encountered by debtors in their businesses. Hence they provide flexible repayment options in consultation with the creditors. Their aim is to settle the financials in an amicable manner without harming the interests of both the parties in the long run. They strive to maintain the corporate relations between the parties during and after the repayment period.
  • FDCP Standards: – The collection team at Alexander, Miller & Associates strictly follows the standards and guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices (FDCP) at the state and federal levels. Since the debtors are given flexible options, generally they don’t mind making the repayments within the mutually agreed schedule.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Asset Recovery

The experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates know their responsibility to their clients while dealing with stubborn types of debtors. Their private investigation team can legally establish the evidences of outstanding payments from the debtors through legally accepted procedures. Here their role is to ensure debtors agreement for repayment through friendly or legal channels.

Asset recovery from the debtors happens when they are unable or unwilling to repay the debts on schedule. In such cases Alexander, Miller & Associates takes all the legal measures to protect the financial interests of its clients by selling, mortgaging or refinancing the assets owned by the debtors.